Want To Retire At Any Age? Replace Your W-2 Income.

The key to retiring is to have enough monthly income. While you are working, your paycheck is called your W-2 income. The day you replace your paycheck is the day you decide if you want to go to work or go out to play. With the proper planning, replacing your W-2 income can happen at anytime, at any age.

The Three Basic Rules of Investing

The Pocket Guide to Obamacare

This book is called “The Pocket Guide to Obamacare” for a reason, and not just because it fits in your pocket. I’m not here to give you a comprehensive guide to all things Obamacare. (There’s no shortage of those guides already available for that.) Instead, I want to briefly cover the most important parts of the law and give you a framework for making smart choices in the new healthcare environment. So if you have questions, just ask, I’ll be glad to help you work through them!


The Three Basic Rules of Investing

The Three Basic Rules of Investing

The stock market is by definition random unpredictable.

Have you ever wondered how the smart money invests? How the extremely wealthy invest? I know I have.

In this book we are going to show you how the smart money invest and why. How and why they buy when the market is down. And regardless of world or market news, why they never seem to panic.


8 Steps to Successful Stress Free Investing

The 8 Steps to Successful Stress Free Investing

Everything in the world that works well is built on a system. In particular, it is built on a system that is easy to understand, proven by time and research.

In the next few pages, we discuss an investment system that was developed in 1952. And in 1990, Harry Markowitz, Merton Miller and William Sharpe were awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for developing this system.

Markowitz, Miller and Sharpe changed the traditional financial services industry forever. Leaning on academics and research, they removed all gambling and speculation from the investing process.

This investment concept has been known by successful money managers for years. This system is now finally being applied to mainstream investing.