Robert Lettin

Robert E. Lettin

Sherwood, OR
Registered Investment Advisor Representative
Licensed in Oregon, Washington & Colorado

Robert Lettin is Founder/ CEO of Lettin & Company, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory firm that helps individual and families identify and filly gaps in their portfolios, manage their money and make smarter financial decisions.

Robert’s strengths are as devoted investment advisor, communicator and humorist make him not only engaging to work with but also to learn from. he is a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker, readers of his newsletter received insight and community on investment news, and his podcast on income streams enjoys a growing audience.

Lettin began his investment career in 1987 with Smith Barney in Medford, Oregon. In 1990, he became Vice President of Bank of California’s Investment Division in Portland. In 1997, Robert joined the investment firm of Strand, Atkinson, Williams and York and soon after he opened his own firm.

Prior to his career in investments- a story worth hearing when you meet him- Lettin was a young Hollywood actor on sets with legends like Gene Hackman. He moved into broadcasting as Assistant Producer for CBS affiliate evening newscast in Salt Lake City at KUTV, then went to Capitol HIll as Press Secretary and Foreign Affairs Liaison for Congresswomen Patricia Schroeder (D-CO).

Lettin holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder and an MBA in Finance from City University in Seattle. He is registered in Oregon, Washington and Colorado.



“Our firm does two very important things:  we give purpose and direction to your investment portfolio.

 And then I give you the strength, stability and courage to see it through.”- Robert Lettin