Welcome to Lettin & Company, INC

Lettin and Company, Inc. is a Registered Investment Adviser licensed in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. Prior to doing business in any other state, firm will ensure licensing requirements or exemptions to licensing are met.

Lettin & Company Philosophy

Our philosophy is firmly grounded in the last 60 years of financial academic research, the conclusions of three Nobel Prize Laureates and science. We believe that, over time, the structured investment portfolio approach based on financial science and the efficacy of capital markets will yield greater returns with less risk and less cost. Thereby, helping the investor achieve “True Peace of Mind”.

Get Guidance and Advice

Our Investment Coaches help you match your desired risk tolerance and your desired return with the appropriate investment portfolio. Then let the markets move, the asset classes work and let the quarterly rebalancing help you achieve greater expected returns with less price fluctuation and more consistency than you would in a less comprehensive approach.

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